Children’s Sports Injuries

child's sports injuryAs parents, we wholeheartedly encourage our children to participate in sports for the myriad of benefits they offer – from physical fitness to social development. However, it is worth acknowledging that with the thrill of sports comes the inherent risk of injuries, especially for children who are still mastering the fundamentals. In this short blog brought to you by Mountain Spring Podiatry, we will explore the nuances of foot and ankle injuries in children’s sports. We hope to shed light on the importance of vigilance and, when needed, seeking professional guidance from a podiatrist, or foot doctor.

Understanding the Vulnerability & Risks

Children, with their boundless energy and enthusiasm, often engage in sports with unbridled fervor. While this is admirable, it also puts them at a higher risk of sustaining injuries, particularly considering the delicate structures of their feet and ankles.

The developing musculoskeletal system of children is more susceptible to stresses and strains, making it a top priority for parents to understand the potential risks associated with their child’s chosen sporting activities.

Common Foot & Ankle Injuries in Children Who Play Sports

Children, as they explore various sports, are prone to sprains and strains in the ligaments and tendons surrounding the ankle. Quick direction changes, uneven surfaces, or improper footwear can exacerbate these injuries.

Even the most adept kids are at risk. Intensive training or specialization in a particular sport may contribute to overuse injuries, such as stress fractures, tendonitis, or plantar fasciitis, affecting the feet and ankles.

Sever’s disease is a final condition we’ll mention here. Common among active children, Sever’s disease is a growth plate disorder affecting the heel. The repetitive stress from sports activities can lead to inflammation and discomfort in the heel area.

The Role of PROPER Footwear

There are so many colors and shapes in today’s selection of shoes that we often forget the most fundamental purpose of footwear: to support the feet. One of the first lines of defense against foot and ankle injuries is appropriate footwear for the chosen sport. Ill-fitting or worn-out shoes can compromise stability and support, increasing the likelihood of injuries.

Parents should regularly assess their child’s athletic footwear, considering factors like proper fit, arch support, and shock absorption. Consulting with a podiatrist, or foot doctor, can be a great investment for your child’s future.

Preventative Measures for Parents

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Prioritize warm-up routines and stretching exercises tailored to the specific demands of the sport. This helps prepare muscles, ligaments, and tendons for the physical challenges ahead, reducing the risk of injury.

Monitor your child’s training. Encourage a well-rounded approach to physical activity, allowing for adequate rest and recovery. Overtraining and excessive specialization can contribute to overuse injuries in young athletes.

Finally, engage in open communication with your child about any discomfort or pain they may be experiencing. Recognizing and addressing early warning signs can prevent minor issues from developing into more severe injuries.

Consult with a Licensed Podiatrist

While proactive measures at home are essential, it is equally crucial for parents to recognize when professional intervention is necessary. Podiatrists specialize in diagnosing and treating foot and ankle conditions.

The licensed podiatrists at Mountain Spring Podiatry offer tailored advice to address the unique needs of growing feet. Regular check-ups with a podiatrist can aid in early detection of potential issues and provide guidance on preventive measures. Call Mountain Spring Podiatry to schedule an appointment or arrange a walk-in today.