Foot and Health Risks of Working on Your Feet

It’s no secret that working on the feet all day and standing for prolonged periods of time can have negative affects on your feet and ankle health, but what exactly are some of these consequences? And are there other health problems that can be caused by being on your feet too long? These are some of the questions we address in this brief article brought to you by Mountain Spring Podiatry. If you every need a reliable podiatrist, or foot doctor, then feel free to call Mountain Spring Podiatry to schedule a convenient appointment.

Foot Conditions Caused or Negatively Affected by Working on Feet

Working on your feet for long periods can cause various foot problems. Here are just some of the most common foot problems caused or aggravated by prolonged standing or walking.

  • Swollen Feet or Ankles: Caused by blood pooling in the feet and ankles.
  • Corns and Calluses: Thickened areas of skin that develop on the feet due to friction or pressure.
  • Achilles Tendonitis: An inflammation of the Achilles tendon, which runs from the heel to the calf muscle.
  • Plantar Fasciitis: Occurs when the plantar fascia ligament on the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed, causing heel pain.
  • Bunions: A bony bump that forms at the base of the big toe, causing it to bend towards the other toes.
  • Heel Spurs: These are bony growths that can form on the heel bone.
  • Varicose Veins: These are enlarged, twisted veins that can develop in the legs and feet due to prolonged standing.

Other Health Conditions Influenced by Working on Feet

Your body consists of several systems and parts that depend on one another, and working on your feet for long hours can cause several health problems that go beyond foot pain. For instance, prolonged standing or walking can lead to joint problems such as osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease that affects the cartilage in your joints.

You may also experience back and shoulder pain. When you stand for an extended period, your body weight shifts forward, and you tend to lean forward to maintain balance, putting a strain on your back and neck muscles. Similarly, you may feel lower back pain and hip pain over time.

It’s essential to take breaks and wear proper-fitting shoes to avoid unwanted health consequences from long days on your feet. If you experience foot or overall health issues from working on your feet, then consider periodically visiting a podiatrist. They can assess and evaluate your foot and ankle health to resolve vulnerabilities and issues before they become bigger problems.

How a Podiatrist Can Help Relieve Pain

We’ve all got to work, but we should be mindful to not sacrifice health in the process. Seeing a podiatrist can help prevent foot problems from developing or worsening, and it can also help ensure that any issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

A qualified podiatrist can provide advice on proper footwear and foot hygiene, offer treatment options for foot and ankle problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and Achilles tendonitis, and can also perform regular foot exams to check for any potential issues.

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